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Are you an artist or crafter? Interested in selling your work? Join Art4Action for lots of opportunities to get your work out there and join a community of creatives.

Ever since our first fundraising auctions for the Dorset Coronavirus Community Appeal and the Routes to Roots homeless charity in Pooleour artists have been more than willing to include their work. They are the ones that make Art4Action possible, through their generosity in donating a quarter of the money they receive from their sales towards our chosen charities and good causes.

Art4Action welcomes any new artist, whether amateur or professional, who would like the opportunity to make money by selling their work on this website, and donate to our various causes. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, being online means that we are not restricted to location.

We also welcome all kinds of artists, working in many different medias: from painters, potters and photographers to sculptors, metalworkers, woodcrafters, glassmakers, and even makers of decorative bird feeders, (and many in-between)!

Here’s how you can join up and submit your pieces for inclusion on the Art4Action website…

Send us a few examples of your work either by giving us the link to your website, Facebook page or emailing us at It would also be good to know if you have sold your work commercially before, and in particular posted out to your buyers? This isn’t a strict necessity by any means, but helps us judge what support we need to give you.

If your work is accepted then we’ll ask you to send in up to 15 pieces with images and descriptions, either by email, or if they are large files by WeTransfer. We also need their prices of course (and postage costs, see below).

Commission on sales is split 3 ways, with 70% going to the artist, 20% to our featured charities and 10% to Art4Action to maintain the website, bank fees, etc. Payment for sales will be transferred to you as soon as they are cleared so that you can post off the artwork to the buyer. 

When your work sells (let’s be positive!) the delivery options are ‘posted’ or ‘collected’. Collection is straightforward, but for postage you’ll need to tell us the amount you want and that figure will be shown at the checkout when someone is buying your piece. We’ll then of course send you that amount as well as the commission due.

What do you get as an Art4Action artist?

On our art4action website:

No stress - we put up all your artwork for you!

No struggling to negotiate complicated instructions on how to upload your pieces – just send us your work (see above) and we’ll do all that!

Your own personal listing page

For example on this artist’s home page here. Note that we encourage artists to have a photo of themselves next to their biog!

Also feel free to take small movies of your pieces in order to give people a better feel for what your pieces look like; this can be done easily enough on mobiles these days.

Special promotion for artists new to Art4Action

You will be featured on the homepage, as well as in various places over the website such as at the bottom of this page, which you’ll see also has links to the artist’s pages.

Sales page

If you have any artwork you want to reduce in price then we have a special page here for you. 

Your artwork is always only a couple of clicks away!

We have put many search facilities on the website so people can find it by its type, its price range, or by what its tags are. Most searches will end up on this page. 

There are pages for those just browsing who aren’t sure what type of art they’re looking for. They might start off looking at all the different types of art that our artists create here, and then end up on one of the types which will feature all the artists who produce work in that genre, such as this one.

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