It’s really easy to bid on the Art4Action website... !

Below is a step by step guide on how to register and bid on Art4Action's online auctions…


Start at the Art4Action home page. 

From the main menu bar click on ‘Auctions’, then from ‘Art4Action Auctions’ on the dropdown click on ‘How to bid in Art4Action auctions’.

Art Auction at Art4Action


Choose the item you wish to bid on – which will open on a separate page.

A note on automatic bidding…

If you put in your maximum price. The system will add automatic bid at regular increments to keep you one step ahead of other bidders.

Bids stop once it reaches your maximum price. 


Now back to registering! Click the ‘bid’ button.


As a new user you will be asked to give us your email to register a new account.

You will be asked to make a password (remember to keep a note of this!).

Then click ‘Register’


You will be taken back to the bid page.

Under the ‘time left’ see the ‘You need to add a valid credit card…’

Click ‘payment method’ to add your card. 

This takes you to this box where you click…

 ‘Add Payment Method’.

Add your debit / credit card details.


You should see …

‘Payment method successfully added.

Note: The payment system we use is STRIPE.

Stripe will check your card’s validity by debiting £1.00 from your account.

This will remain pending and you will not be charged unless you win the auction!


Now you can return to the auction.

Use the main menu bar ‘Auction’ choosing ‘Live Auctions’ from the drop down.

Choose the item you wish to bid on.

You can now place a bid in the box!

A confirmation box should appear.

Click ‘Yes I want to bid’. 



You have bid!

You should see the message…

‘You are currently the highest bidder for this auction’

Note: You may need to update the page to see new bids!

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