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Introducing Art4Action2

Who are we?

Art4Action was a successful online auction held June 2020, when a staggering £9000 was raised through the sale of local artist’s pieces, with 60% going to the participating artists and 40% to the Dorset Community Coronavirus Fund and the PAW charity. Following this success, we’re putting on another one!

Again, living up to its name, the money raised by this second Art4Action will be split between the artists and local charities and causes. This time the artists will be receiving 66% of the proceeds, 17% will go to the Dorset Community Fund (towards a local homeless charity), and the remaining 17% for the St Martin’s Church fund (including the planned commissioning of a commemorative plaque).

This Art4Action Auction is brought to you by Malcolm Lewis of Wareham Tower Chimes magazine with the support of Wareham Town Council. It will be another great opportunity for local artists to showcase their work, especially important in these difficult and uncertain times when there is less footfall in local sales outlets. And what better time to hold it than during the run-up to Christmas when folks are looking for presents to give?

But of course this is also a charity fundraising venture, and this time we’re looking to support Wareham’s iconic St Martin’s Church, not only in its upkeep, but to pay for a local sculptor to create a commemorative plaque in celebration of its 1000th anniversary this year. In fact, it was because St Martin is known as a patron of the poor, we felt that it was also appropriate to try and give a good proportion of the money we raise to a homeless charity – and again, what more appropriate time of the year is there to do that? 

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