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FOR the last 21 years Dorset Community Foundationā€™s mission has been to raise funds for those most in need in Dorset.

Just in this last year we have awarded more than Ā£1.2 million in grants to charities, groups and individuals across the county.

We have been able to do this because we have built up a relationship of trust and co-operation with our donors and funders. They trust us to use their money where it can make the most impact because our expertise and knowledge of where the need exists in Dorset is unrivalled.

Funding for the disadvantaged in Dorset

Because we are not cause specific, we can consider funding any area of disadvantage as long as it is Dorset-based.

By supporting Dorset Community Foundation you will be empowering people who inspire change in their communities.

And in the aftermath of the pandemic grass roots groups will need our help even more.

The Veterans Hub in Weymouth - a recent recipient of our help

The Veterans Hub Mission:

“… to provide a bespoke and immediate service for veterans and their families within the local community when they need it the most.Ā By maintaining the core values of the British Armed Forces, the Hub has become the key place for veterans and their families to go to in times of crisis, or just to be around other veterans, in a relaxed and supportive environment. The Hub is a staging post to other services, offering drop-in advice clinics and on-site therapists along with other support specialists. There is a purpose-built onsite gym, allotment area, private garden, and quiet room. All the above is free to access for veterans with their families.”

For more details see their Facebook page:

Charitable plans to meet your needs

Whether you want to make anĀ instant impactĀ on a particular issue orĀ support your community for years to come, we can develop a charitable giving plan that meets your needs and philanthropic goals.

With our expert knowledge of Dorsetā€™s communities, and the need within them, we can match your giving with causes you are passionate about, ensuring your generosity has the maximum impact.

You can be involve in funding decisions and visit projects to see the difference your giving is making if you wish. You will receive reports that show the impact of your giving and regular updates of each funded project, as well as a a wider report each year.

Go to to find out more or call us on 01202 670815

The Dorset Community Foundation Facebook page:

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