When you buy art from Art4Action you’re supporting local artists AND helping raise money for charity!

Following on from the success of our Art4Action auctions in June and December 2020, when nearly £14,000 worth of art was sold and out of which over £5000 was donated to charity, this permanent online art and makers market has been launched.

The recipients of our next fundraising – which will include money raised by way of sales on this website and from our next auction in the Summer – are Frontline19 and the Purbeck Youth and Community Foundation. 25% from all sales will be split between these two very worthy causes.

Frontline19 is an independent UK nationwide service delivering psychological support to those who are, or have been on the frontline of Covid-19. They aim to ensure the right help is given quickly and easily, confidentially and for free.

Frontline 19 are passionate supporters of the NHS and frontline workers who are working in unprecedented times right now. Many are having to experience things that they are not prepared for. Frontline’s aim therefore is to help minimise their suffering and maximise their capacity to support others.

Read more about them here

The PYCF is a charitable organisation (Charity no. 01168537) that was formed in 2016 by local volunteers to help and support young people in Purbeck. Their qualified staff support young people’s individual needs and when necessary signpost them to further help on a diverse range of issues.

The members have highlighted the club as somewhere they feel safe, where they can meet their friends but also make new ones, relax, enjoy themselves and take advantage of new opportunities.

Read more about them here

Artists and Craftspeople making a difference

Ever since our first fundraising auctions for the Dorset Coronavirus Community Appeal and the Routes to Roots homeless charity in Poole, our artists have been more than willing to include their work. They are the ones that make Art4Action possible, through their generosity in donating a quarter of the money they receive from their sales towards our chosen charities and good causes.

Art4Action welcomes any new artist, whether amateur or professional, who would like the opportunity to make money by selling their work on this website, and donate to our various causes. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, being online means that we are not restricted to location.

Our intention is to fundraise each time towards a national charity as well as a more locally based one, so as we attract more artists from other places, we’re hoping to raise money for charities that are local to them.

So, why not become part of the art4Action family that wants to both sell and give back?

When you place an advert for your business in Art4Action’s online Market or Auction, 25% of what you pay will go to our chosen charities.

Be part of the Art4Action family that wants to both sell and give back!


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