Who are we?

Art4Aaction is a very much a family effort, created by husband and wife Malcolm and Julie, with help from daughter Sophia and occasionally their son Matthew for technical assistance. 

How did it start?

Art4Action started in 2020 as a simple idea of wanting to help local artists, upon seeing the impact that Covid-19 was having and how this had affected PAW (Purbeck Art Weeks), with events being cancelled and artists loosing out on being able to exhibit and sell work. This combined with the desire to raise money for charities in response to the ongoing Covid crisis.
Working together with PAW and the Dorset Coronavirus Community Appeal, the first Art4Action online auction  was organised in June 2020. This was a great success for the artists involved and for both charities. Following on from this, a second online auction was held in December 2020, this time working with the charity Routes to Roots.
After selling nearly £14,000 worth of art, with over £5000 being donated to various charities, we decided that it was time to expand Art4Action as it clearly had potential in being able to help charitable causes whilst also supporting artists.
In 2021, we moved on from solely online auctions to organise two exhibitions held in Wareham, Dorset, as well as developing this website to serve as a permanent location for our artists to sell their work. 
We have sold thousands of pounds more of art and raised nearly another £1370 for charity from sales on this website and our summer and Christmas exhibitions. Our recipients were Purbeck Youth and Community Foundation, Frontline19, and The Wareham Scouts and Guides charities.

What are you up to now?

We are so excited to see how Art4Action will grow and adapt and how we can continue to support artists and raise money for good causes.
We are in the process of launching a Young Artists Support Fund in collaboration with The Isle of Purbeck Arts Club, that will be used to help support and inspire young people in Purbeck with an interest in the arts. 


We strongly believe in the importance of the arts.

We want to support artists, no matter what stage of career that they are in.

We champion shopping small and supporting independent artists.

And we value community and kindness. Therefore, we created our Young Artists Support Fund.


How does the website work?

Art4Action works very much like any other ecommerce website, with listings of artwork and crafts that you can browse through and select, add to your basket, and purchase. 

What amount goes to charity from a sale? How much do the artists receive?

The commission on sales is split three ways, with 70% going to the artist and 20% going to charity and 10% to Art4Action. Currently through our Young Artist Support Fund, we are helping fund the Isle of Purbeck Art Club. This wonderful charity encourages and supports the young people of Purbeck in taking up the arts, such as through their musical instrument loan scheme, art workshops and much more.

For further questions, please visit our FAQ section.

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