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Art4Action is an initiative, based in Dorset, created in 2020 to support artists and makers, whilst raising funds for charitable causes. Through online auctions and events, we have raised funds for various charities over the last couple of years and promoted a large range of artists.
The initiative is run by Sophia Lewis-Fry, a Dorset based artist.


We strongly believe in the importance of the arts.

We want to support artists and makers, no matter what stage of career that they are in.

We champion shopping small and supporting independent artists and makers.

We value community and kindness.


Art4Action began life in 2020 as a family project, created by husband and wife Malcolm and Julie, their daughter Sophia, and occasionally their son Matthew for some technical assistance.It started as a simple idea, wanting to help local artists, upon seeing the impact that Covid-19 was having and how this had affected PAW (Purbeck Art Weeks), with events being cancelled and artists losing out on being able to exhibit and sell work. This combined with a desire to raise money for charities in response to the ongoing Covid crisis.Working together with PAW and the Dorset Coronavirus Community Appeal, the first Art4Action online auction  was organised in June 2020. This was a great success for the artists involved and for both charities. Following on from this, a second online auction was held in December 2020, this time working with the charity Routes to Roots. After selling nearly £14,000 worth of art, with over £5000 being donated to various charities, we decided as a family that it was time to expand Art4Action as it clearly had potential in being able to help charitable causes whilst also supporting artists. In 2021, we moved on from solely online auctions to organise two exhibitions held in Wareham, Dorset, as well as developing this website. In 2022, Sophia took the lead in Art4Action, with plans to continue hosting regular online auctions and occasional in person events. You can read more about our fundraising during 2022 here.


Ever since our first fundraising auctions for the Dorset Coronavirus Community Appeal. Routes to Roots, and Frontline19, our artists have been more than willing to include their work. They are the ones that make Art4Action possible, through their generosity in donating a percentage of the money they receive from their sales towards our chosen charities and good causes.

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